I’m Brittney. And I’m Dustin.  We’re the Happiness Seekers.

We’re pretty sure that we are just like everybody else in at least one way:  We want to be happy. Really, really happy. Not the fleeting kind of happiness that relies on things going just right, but true, substantive, lasting happiness.

Brittney and I have lived in different places around the world, and we’ve found that the common human denominator is this desire to be happy. I grew up in the West. Britt grew up in the Southeast. I was a missionary in Southeastern Africa. She was a missionary in Taiwan. Wherever we have lived or traveled, no matter how different the culture, we have seen that people everywhere are hungry for happiness. Every human life is spent in its pursuit. But very few seem to find it.

This blog is about the search for that happiness. And, ultimately, this means that our blog is about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For, we believe that Christ is the source of all truth and that only by living His teachings can we find true happiness.

Our articles all revolve around bearing testimony of Christ, inviting others to learn more about Him and His restored Church, and challenging ourselves and others to increase our commitment as disciples of Christ.

Our commitment to you is to only provide content that we feel is worth the time it takes to read. That means no fluff.

We hope you appreciate the thoughts we share. But more than that, we hope you find true happiness.

And it is our testimony that you will, if you exercise faith in Jesus Christ and live as He teaches.