Citation #1

Part 1: Download Count

In this youtube video, the document’s author, Jeremy Runnels, consents to John Dehlin’s characterization that the CES Letter has been downloaded “well over 600,000 times.”

That was back in February of 2016. Based on the fact that those views were racked up beginning in 2013 and that views generally follow a skewed bell curve, the CES Letter should have somewhere between 850,000 and 1 million downloads at this point. (Also important to note: it has been reported that after two years the CES Letter had 100,000 downloads so there must have been an acceleration of downloads sometime beginning in 2015. )

(I’m assuming honesty about total numbers of downloads)

Part 2: Religious background of people who download the CES Letter

This is deduced from the fact that the document is written by a Latter-day Saint to other Latter-day Saints. It is not written in a way that would be as appealing to Christians who are looking for dirt on the Mormon Church—particularly because the document ends up condemning Christianity as a whole.

Furthermore, a primary vehicle for distributing and spreading the CES Letter seems to be ex-Mormon forums and websites, as well as LDS members who are searching about their questions on-line.