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A Mormon Convert’s Clever Response to an Attack on Her Faith

This new member’s testimony is truly rooted in Christ. We can learn a lot from her response to an attack on her faith.



That’s Not What *Stripling* Warriors Would Actually Look Like…

This post explores the meaning of “stripling” when Joseph used it in translation, the implications it has for the story of the 2,000 stripling warriors, and some thoughts about today’s rising generation and the challenges we must all rise to meet as members of the Lord’s Church.



A Miracle and a Metaphor I’ll Never Forget

This was meant to be a private article, to be shared with only a few. But a content sharer saw it and shared it, so I decided to leave it here for others to see. The article details an experience I had in Mozambique when Elder Scott came to tour the mission and what I learned from it.


5 Surprising Evidences for the Book of Mormon

Many people struggle with doubts only because they have only seen one side of the evidence. We can appreciate that for people in that situation, it can be hard to truly exercise faith in the Restoration. So, for those who may need a few reasons to start that exercise of faith…we’ve got some extraordinary evidences of the Book of Mormon to consider.


What We’ve Always Overlooked about Adam and Eve

This article explores a common misunderstanding of a verse about Adam and Eve. We hope that by sharing this example, readers will be inspired to study the scriptures more carefully. We firmly believe that when we approach the scriptures with a mentality that there are countless treasures yet to be discovered, we ask better questions, read more carefully, and have more spiritual experiences.


7 Tools that Could Transform Your Scripture Study

Nothing transforms lives like the scriptures, but if we don’t learn how to really study the scriptures, the power of God’s word to work wonders in our lives is greatly diminished. We hope that this post helps people to become fascinated with scripture study. We know that if you use these tools, you’ll get so much more out of the scriptures and your spiritual experiences will increase.



5 Reasons Anti-Mormon Arguments Are Totally Unconvincing

This article is part one in a series on strengthening faith and overcoming doubt. We plan to approach the topic from a variety of angles, but this post focuses on the logical aspects of the issue (as will a few others). The reason for a logic based approach is that some people have become so convinced or jarred that truly exercising faith has become unthinkable to them. By helping people to see the serious flaws inherent to conclusions drawn from Church history, we hope that people who are deeply struggling will regain the ability to exercise a particle of faith.


“For They Had Marked Themselves”

This post discusses how a Book of Mormon story about rebellious Nephites may be particularly relevant to our day.