Accusation that the Church’s Stance Is Responsible for Suicide

Josh consistently argues that a hope for romantic attachment is a vital biological need and that the result of being deprived of this need is misery, suicide ideation, and suicide attempts.

Here are some quotes:

“This is what the church’s current stance does to LGBTQIA people. It actually kills them. It fills them with self-loathing and internalized homophobia, and then provides little to no help when the psychosomatic symptoms set in…Worst of all, and what amounts to the very crux of the problem: the church also deprives them—us—of attachment, and a natural, verified, studied reaction to attachment blockade is suicidality.”

In this last bit Josh suddenly refers to the science surrounding attachment, when in reality he is trying to making an argument about one very particular subset of attachment–romantic attachment with someone you are sexually oriented toward. You cannot take studies about the importance of human attachment and draw a conclusion about a socially engineered hope for romantic love.

“In the end, the correct choice is obvious. We choose the option that makes sure people stay alive.”

“It’s the thing that wants to die in all of us when we don’t have hope for attachment to a person we are oriented towards. It’s actually a standard part of human attachment: when we don’t have attachment—and have no hope of attachment–our brain tells us we need to die.”
“And I want to make a definitive point here. This risk for death is higher, statistically, for any person who has no hope of orientational attachment—not to mention the higher risk attendant to internalized homophobia/transphobia. This is not just the case for me. This is the case for any LGBTQIA person who chooses, or is pressured, to forego human attachment. Your gay brother. Your Lesbian cousin. Your Trans nephew. They are all, by very definition, at higher risk of death if they are choosing to forego attachment for any religious or cultural reason. Literally.
In the end, the correct choice is obvious. We choose the option that makes sure people stay alive.
We should always choose the option that makes sure people stay alive.
I wish LDS people had more modeling of this.”