Resources for Latter-day Saints

Tools to help you navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Mom Support

From help with anxiety and depression to activities for young children, we've got some great resources for mothers. We even have tips on how to help kids eat healthier diets. If you are a young mom or you know one, these tools are for you!

Faith and Doubt

Whether you are struggling with doubts, or you know someone who is, we have tools that will help you combat doubt.

Combatting Pornography

Pornography blindsided a generation, but with the right perspectives and tools, parents and individuals can take steps to seriously undermine and prevent pornography's influence.

Healthy Living

Unhealthy living is a temptation and a challenge for all of us. We've pulled together some tools and ideas that will help you better achieve your health goals.

Same-Sex Attraction

Same-gender attraction is a widely misunderstood subject. However, LDS leadership has provided essential clarifications. They have made two things very clear: 1) someone should not feel ashamed of same-gender attraction and 2) any sexual relation outside of a marriage between a man and a woman is contrary to God's will. In an effort to support the Church's nuanced position and to reach out to SSA members who have been made to feel that same-gender attraction is itself wrong, we provide a variety of perspectives, experiences, LDS tools, and arguments in favor of both traditional marriage and a more delicate/ accurate understanding of what it means to experience same-gender attraction.

Defining Equality

In a world of relative moral truth, defining what equality really means is becoming increasingly difficult. This dilemma has posed a stumbling block for many members, millennials in particular. We provide reasoned arguments in favor of the Church's position on the family, gender differences, and traditional marriage. We also highlight what Church leadership has done to eliminate gender and orientation differences which were based more on culture than on doctrine.