Stretched “Parallels”

The CES Letter includes an enormous list of 36 “parallels” between the View of the Hebrews and the Book of Mormon. Most of the items on the list are silly, to say the least. Some examples are: “pride is denounced” and “religion is a motivating factor” and “the destruction of Jerusalem.” …Things that you would expect to be found in many religious texts, particularly ones that discuss the Jews and their history.

Even some of the parallels that seem a bit more shocking turn out to be disingenuous. For example, he tries to make it seem as though Ethan’s book has a story that is strikingly similar to Samuel the Lamanite. When you go and read the story in the book, you find out what a stretch that claim is.

Click here, to read the parallel in View of the Hebrews that the author compares with Samuel the Lamanite.